Monday, October 7, 2013

October updates

Parents and Students,

Just a quick post to let everyone know what is happening in October:

Elementary students in pre-k through grade 2 are wrapping up a unit on kicking skills and will move into jumping skills and various traveling concepts.  Students have been doing a great job with spacial awareness and movement patterns.  I am very pleased with their progress with regard to controlling their bodies and using equipment safely in space.  This may seem simple, but it is a critical building block for other skills throughout the year.

Grades 3-5 are off to a great start as well.  We have just completed our soccer skills units and will spend part of this month participating in fitness skills and participating in fitness related games.  Again, please remember to check in with your child and remind them to wear sneakers to school on P.E. days.  Also, we are currently enjoying a beautiful Fall season, so encourage your kiddos to get outside and be active!

Middle school students grades 5-8 have just completed their soccer units as well.  Middle school soccer units focus more on individual skills, spacing and moving concepts related to offense and defense strategies, and game play.  I have been extremely pleased with the level of participation and effort from our students so far this year.  Individual attitudes and collective sportsmanship has been excellent!  We will be moving into a shorter unit on Team Handball.  This is a fast and fun game unit that the kids enjoy.  Please remind your students to remember that change of clothes for P.E.

Attention Parents of 8th Graders:  First Graduation Activities Meeting!!!

There will be a meeting for all 8th grade parents on October 21, 6:00 p.m. in the cafeteria to discuss end of year graduation activities.  We will brainstorm ideas and discuss fundraising options for next Spring's graduation activities.  Look forward to seeing you!

Mr. Reed