Thursday, January 9, 2014

January 2014

Welcome to a New Year!!!

Reminder to all elementary students and parents From Center Drive P.E.:  
Now that winter in upon us and students are wearing their snow boots to school and packing snow pants and extra layers for recess, please remember which day your child has PE class and remember to pack their sneakers. Since the snow has started falling, their has been a noticeable increase in the number of elementary students that do not have appropriate footwear for PE class.  It is important for your child to be able to participate to their fullest ability safely and comfortably during PE classes.  This is difficult to do when wearing snow boots.  Also, we are fortunate here to have a wonderful PE facility.  Unfortunately, the gym floor takes a real beating from snow-melt and salt from the students' boots during these winter months.  We can help maintain a clean and well maintained gymnasium space for our kids by making sure they have appropriate gym floor shoes for their participation in classes.  
Thanks so much for your understanding and cooperation on this matter!

Current Activities and Units:

Pre K - Grade 2:

Rolling / Bowling Skills:  emphasis on correct rolling technique, targeting, group social dynamics and cooperation, sportsmanship.

Grades 3-4:  

2 weeks of bowling skills with emphasis on keeping score, cross curriculum math skills
2 weeks of introductory volleyball skills

Grades 5-8:

Volleyball skills and game introduction:  emphasis on skill development for serve, bump, and set, understanding and application of game rules, proper game etiquette and sportsmanship, positioning, and scoring.  Competitive sport and/or recreational lifetime activity.

Lets have a great finish to the second ranking period!

Mr. Reed
Center Drive P.E.