Friday, November 7, 2014

CDS Students and Parents,

Great First Quarter!  Things are off to a great start in PE.  Students are working hard and have great attitudes!

 Just to briefly recap the first quarter.  K-2 students have spent a lot of time working on spacial awareness and movement concepts.  We have also spent time working on kicking and jumping skills. Grades 3-4 had a great first unit working on kicking/soccer skills and playing modified soccer games. We have also blended in a variety of team building and cooperative fitness game activities to begin implementing fitness concepts and proper personal/social interactions during activity.  Middle schoolers have been busy as well.  All middle school students have a personal locker in the locker room for storing their P.E. clothing and footwear.  Middle school classes had an outstanding first unit of soccer, focused on individual skills and small game play.  We then transitioned into fitness testing with each student testing in four areas of health related fitness; cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, muscular strength, and flexibility.

Elementary Parents !!!!!
Now that the snow is flying and students are wearing their winter boots/shoes to school, please remember to pack your child's sneakers in his/her back pack for PE classes.  It is very difficult to keep the gym floor clean and safe when we are tracking in dirt and road salt.  Also, it is difficult for your child to participate safely and comfortably in snow boots.   Thank You!

Coming Up

K-2 - Instruction and Activities will focus on transferring weight, chasing/fleeing/dodging, and
          dribbling skills(basketball).

Grades 3-4 - Introductions to Fitness Testing, Fitness stations and games, basketball skills and skill

Grades 5-8 - Team Handball, Basketball, (Continued emphasis on personal fitness concepts)

Best Wishes for a Safe and Happy Holiday Season!

Mr. Reed
Center Drive P.E.