Monday, May 4, 2015

Happy Spring Everybody.  It is so nice to finally be getting some warm Spring temps!

Our final month of school will involve many skills related to striking with long and short handled implements such as paddles, racquets, and bats. We will also be working on throwing and catching skills.

Grades 3-4
We will also be working on our paddle and racquet skills at this grade level, introducing students to badminton skills and rules.  We will be playing some t-ball and coach-pitch baseball/softball as well to work on our batting, throwing and catching skills.

Middle School
Middle school students are beginning their racquet and paddle sports unit.  Grades 5-6 will be learning the skills of badminton and rules for doubles play.  Grades 7-8 will be reviewing skills and rules of game play as they start class doubles tournaments.  We will conclude our year with baseball/softball and some cooperative games as the month of June rolls around.

Enjoy the beautiful weather!

Mr. Reed
Center Drive PE